The 5 Most Popular Indian Condiments

When you sit down to eat at an Indian restaurant, chances are you'll get a few small pots of colourful sauces. One of these is sweet. One is tangy. And one will, no doubt burn your socks off. These flavour profiles developed with culture and changed as things like...

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Crave inspired Cheeseboard by thegirlwhoatetheworld

I was gifted a range of products from the @crave.since2017 stall at the latest @halaalgoodsmarket . I chowed all the Masala Bor before taking a pic 🤳. The Sour Figs made a great topping for cream cheese; the flavor of sauce they are drenched in is a Golden Ratio of...

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Paan Macaron by oh_my_macarons

This is a Paan Macaron ,Filled with a rose Ganache and a dollop of paan mix from @crave.since2017 and topped with some more paan mix and a drizzle of white chocolate.😋 😋 😋   Credit = Oh My Macarons - @oh_my_macarons...

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Paan Cake by the_daily_dilemna

How about a slice of this cake? Yeh? Can I tell you what cake it is?? 😉. Well... do you remember that tub of paan mix @crave.since2017 sent me? Well I used some of it and created a paan cake!! What!! Yup, you heard right... it’s a paan cake!! 😱. So, to be honest, I’ve...

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Sev Chaat – Recipe

2 Potatoes (Mashed) 1/2 Tomato (chopped) 1/2 Onion (chopped) 1 tsp Crave Imli Chilli (or more to taste) Combine above, add salt to taste. Fill in puri or layer on top of fried samoosa pur. Top with red chutney, amli chutney, green chutney and sev....

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Paan Ice Cream- Cheat Version

Summer just got cooler with this Paan Ice Cream 😋 150g (1/2 tub) Crave Paan Mix1 Litre of Coconut Ice Cream (or Vanilla)1/2 cup of rose syrup Soften ice cream (do not melt), fold through paan mix and rose syrup. Re-freeze, scoop and enjoy! Best served on Paan leaves 🍃...

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