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Food for us is associated with much loved memories- birthdays, celebrations and time spent with loved ones.

At Crave, we wish to relive those memories. Taking a trip down memory lane, we bring you our Original Imli Chilli, Paan Mix, Masala Bor and Sour Figs. Staying true to our South African Indian heritage, our products are made exactly as we were taught- hand prepared with great love.

Imli Chilli is a treasured family recipe. It can only be described as a mix of spicy, sweet, sour and pure genius. To add an extra dimension to your cooking, add Crave Imli Chilli to stews, pastas, curries, or serve it with Nachos or Cream Cheese. The possibilities are endless.

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Our Paan Mix is a Crave original idea- Paan is a widely popular Indian sweet, it is freshly prepared by layering coconut, aniseed, rose syrup amongst other ingredients on betel leaf. Crave Paan Mix is the fuss free version, perfect to have on hand to wow guests or to feed that craving. We warn you- this is addictive.

Additions to our range are the Sour Figs and Masala Bor. Old fashion and familiar, these are sure to get you reminiscing days gone by.

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